Posted by: SLS | September 3, 2010

Lactic acid clarification

In my brief musing on AMPase motivated recovery, I alluded to lactic acid as the catalyst for muscle acidification and resultant fatigue. This, I am quickly learning, is a false construct. So before I say any more on the subject, I’d like to correct my previous inquiry (thought it was just an inquiry, not an assertion) and say that lactic acid does not cause acidosis, it is a  natural product of the acidic environment and lactate substrate. Lactic acid formation seems to be a benefit; certainly is the production of the substrate, lactate! Once I finish reading the literature I acquired today I want to flesh out this anaerobic process, as it is absolutely pivotal to concepts I wish to pursue. How can one even begin to discuss recovery methods if one does not even properly understand the reason behind the need for recovery? Exactly.


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