Posted by: SLS | November 2, 2010

Amassing my response

I am currently working on a fairly intensive and in-depth response to the article series on insulin posted at Weightology by James Krieger. I hope to have at least part 1 up this week. While writing this response, I realized that there are a few concepts that will aid in my explanations, but that are too tangential and too long to cover in the Insulin Post itself. Because of this, I want to spend some time covering those topics here in a post or two so that I can reference them later while keeping my main response as concise an on topic as possible.

The most important concepts that come to mind so far are 1. thermodynamics of weight control, and 2. evolutionary genomics and nutrition. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to cover cephalic phase insulin response in a separate post or include it with my main response. It is most likely I will include it in the main. I’ll separate each concept into its own post for better organization and so that readers won’t have to clamber through paragraphs of disparate topics. Up first is the thermodynamics of weight control- a critique.


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