Insulin article series

This article is first and foremost a response to the insulin article series posted here at where I shall address particular problems, which I believe to be indicative of confirmation bias and false or premature conclusions. The insulin series articles are very thorough and thoughtful paradigm shifts, prompting the opportunity for active research and lively discussion, but much of what the author touts as proof or truth is simply skewed representations of the complete picture of human metabolism where insulin and body composition are concerned.

To set the stage, I’d like to quickly summarize the main thesis of the insulin series, which was to provide evidence against the assertions that,

“Carbohydrate drives insulin which drives fat storage” and, “Insulin is bad”

While I can concede that much of the research provided does indeed counter a seemingly central belief of the carbohydrate hypothesis (quoted above), the summation of the evidence cannot uniformly support the conclusions and central argument. Specifically, the article has adequately shown that insulin secretion in and of itself may not induce obesity and is a necessary and healthy hormonal response, however, the evidence and discussions in no way lend any cause or reason to discount the full hypothesis- that carbohydrate induced insulin response over time induces prime conditions for obesity. I will start from the top of the series and work my way systematically through each of the 5 articles + summary and address problems or inconsistencies that I find.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five


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